Viral Twitter Post Templates

_ is the only solution to change your life.

There's always an opportunity to _. Look around

You win when you fall in love with _

Your ability to _ determines your _ level.

Men only want 2 things and it’s disgusting. <insert pictures>

Without _ nothing happens

Be _. Be _. Be real. Be you.

I make < > - - - This is my daily routine. That’s it.

_ is purchased with your mind and nothing else

_ is a mindset not an outcome

_ is a habit. Get addicted to it.

_ speaks much louder than anything you'll ever say.

How to make _ better: (one line)

Someone will always be _. But they will never be you

_ is the key to achieve more in less time.

_ is an underrated vibe

_ is the greatest medicine

What people think successful people do: What they actually do:

If you can’t do <big goal>, do <mini goal> Just show up. That’s half the battle won.

There is no nobility in _

You are easy to control when you're _

x years ago, I started: - No idea what to do - No - No But I showed up daily. Now <success story> The secret is to start.

If your mind is at _, there is _ everywhere.

Don't wait for _. Start taking action now, and _ will follow.

_ is the best indicator of success.

_ is the creator of _.

_ is the path to freedom.

You weren't born with _, you learned it here

_ is the biggest cause of unhappiness

_ is inevitable once you spend more time with people who bring out the best in you.

The biggest success hack is not KNOWLEDGE, it's _.

Remind yourself of your _, it will kill your self-doubts for future.

_ isn't the most valuable skill. _ is.

You don't need more time, you need more _.

_ & _ is more important than IQ.

Focus on your _. You will naturally get lucky.

_ is the ultimate motivation.


If you want <result>, learn these 3 skills: 1. 2. 3. That simple.

_ finds you faster when you're focused on the work.

In <last year>: I did <> In <this year>: I’m doing <> The best is yet to come.

Beware of getting _ before you can handle it

You are one _ away from success

__ is free __ is free __ is free __ is free __ is free Start now. You’ll thank yourself in 2 years.

It's not the lack of _, it's the lack of focus that is stopping you.

There is no _ without _.

Spoke to a <person> that <achievement> No _ No _ No _ Just a simple <adjective> system. All you need is ___. That’s it.

Life is too great to be _

_ focus on problems. _ focus on solutions.

Not caring about _ is a sign of self-confidence.

_ is the greatest gift you can give yourself

_ kills _.

_ and _ are two pillars of success

<Lies we tell ourselves> Narrator: He/She did not.

Not caring about _ is a sign of self-confidence.

If you can't handle _, you won't handle _

Realising your _ will set you up for self mastery

It's not the lack of _, it's the lack of focus that is stopping you.

Being (this) is hard. Being a (not this) is worse.

New to <niche>? Do this: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. That’s all you need to <goal>

Learn to master _ first, before you master anything else

Do less _. Do more _

The person who chooses _ over _ is a powerful person.

_ is overrated, _ is underrated

The modern evil is _

_is the vehicle, _ is the destination

Conquering _ will ultimately allow you to build your dream life.

Make your _ your motivation.

_ is a drug

If you can do X, you can also do...

Me x years back: - - - Me now: - -